SENSIGRAPH solutions provide online access to current temperature and humidity measurements. Measurements are taken by a wireless sensor network connected to the Internet. Measurements are safely archived in the data cloud.

Setting up thresholds for alarm activation enables receiving email and text message notifications in the exact moment any undesired change takes place in the surroundings of your protected products and devices. You can then take appropriate action to restore correct temperature and humidity. Notifications can be received on any Internet-connected mobile device.

Online monitoring is available on or via mobile application for devices with Google Android operating system.

Online data access

Monitor temperature and humidity of a warehouse, production hall, cold storage, server room, laboratory or house.

Alarms and notifications

Adjust alarm thresholds to your individual needs and receive real-time email and text message notifications.


Generate reports on recorded measurements. Ensure conformity with your company’s quality policy and the requirements of inspection authorities.


Browse historical data, analyze measured values and draw conclusions.

Data archiving

Store measurement and event log, have constant access to your data, safely store data on our servers.


Locate your sensors and keep track of the sensor network working in a vast area.


The system is composed of wireless sensors that communicate with access points connected to the Internet.

Temperature and humidity sensor

It measures temperature and humidity and sends the data to an access point. The sensor has an internal memory, where it saves the measured values, which also enables offline access.

Access point for sensors

It sends temperature and humidity measurements, battery charge level and sensors’ radio signal level direct to the data cloud. It uses a wireless radio network standard which is renowned for its high reliability and great range.


Temperature and humidity can lead to great losses at many facilities where appropriate conditions are essential; especially trade companies that need to cool commodities, data centers, server rooms, telecommunications rooms, pharmaceutical and medical facilities. A temperature change may cost thousands, if not tens of thousands of Pounds worth of damage, quality or productivity loss.

SENSIGRAPH solutions provide real-time notification and measurement history storage. Our clients can act early enough to prevent potential and significant changes in temperature and obtain reports on measurements according to requirements set by inspection authorities.

The SENSIGRAPH system is an indispensable tool for people responsible for inspecting conformity with quality policy in the following types of facilities and vehicles: production halls, warehouses, wholesale stock, data centers, server rooms, greenhouses, grocery shops, supermarkets and refrigeration trucks.


  • Protection against fall and loss of quality or damage of products and devices.
  • Online monitoring of temperature, humidity and the condition of the sensor network.
  • Inspection of measurements can be carried out at any time, in any place and on any device.
  • Adaptation of alarm settings to individual needs.
  • Only 3 minutes installation.
  • Wireless communication (no cables used).
  • An option to increase the range of sensor network by adding access points.
  • Free-of-charge updates and technical support.
  • System extension possible to measure new parameters.
  • Using the data cloud to ensure unlimited access and archiving of data on safe servers.


  • Introducing e-mail and text message alarm notifications.
  • Escalating notifications to the user chain ensuring maximum efficiency in keeping you informed of events.
  • Simplicity of sensor network management owing to a transparent user panel on
  • Immediate access to measurement history for internal analysis or for inspection authorities.
  • Easy access to data on any mobile device.
  • Measurements taken on a regular basis - also in an offline mode.